Kids Guess Jeans

Kids Guess Jeans



Korean Kid Set

Korean Kids Set

KKS A - Blue
2-3y (100)
3-4y (110)
4-5y (120)
5-6y (130)
6-7y (140)

KKS A -  Pink

2-3y (100)
3-4y (110)
4-5y (120)
5-6y (130)
6-7y (140)
KKS B - Blue
2-3y (100)
3-4y (110)
4-5y (120)
5-6y (130)
6-7y (140)

KKS B -  Pink

2-3y (100)
3-4y (110)
4-5y (120)
5-6y (130)
6-7y (140)

Dreamgenii: 2-in-1 Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow

** Coming Soon**
Dreamgenii: 2-in-1 Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow

Retail Price with postage RM185 include postage


Baby Bean Bag

Bean bag - ready Stock
Retail Price RM195 (include postage semenanjung)

1) Material : - Surface:Soft velboa fabric cover with two layers which are removable and washable. - Bottom & side :Polyester 420D water proof oxford fabric.
2) Size : L60*W50*H40cm (L24”,W20”,H16”)
3) Polystyrene - approx 1kg & total weight - 2kg
4) Boleh menampung anggaran berat sehingga 30kg

The Cuties Pals Luggage

Retail Price
RM199 exclude postage
Postage RM18 for semenanjung
17" luggage 34cm W x 51cm H x 23cm D : Capacity 26.5 Ltrs
Weight - 2kgs
Dimentions - 46 x 31 x 25cm

Backpack 32cm H x 27cm W x13xm D : Capacity
13.5 Ltrs
Weight - 1kg Dimensions - 32 x 37 x 13

Materials ABS /
Polycarbonated Mix, Nylon

Shake n Take

Retail Price :
RM90 with postage
(box include 2 bottle) 

Multi-functional mini blender
Instantly blend smoothies and protein
Blend and drink from the same bottle
Blend ice with
Convenient flip top straw
Quick breakfast solution
Doubles as
takeaway cup
Secure sports bottle flip top
Cordless with dishwasher safe
blending compartment
Boost daily fruit and vegetable intake with personalised
and healthy concoctions

Egro Baby Carrier

Product Features:
The ERGObaby Baby Carrier will allow you to carry your baby:
- On your front
- On your back
- On your hip
- From newborn to around 4 plus years / maximum 20kg

Trunki Luggage

Retail price: RM150
(with postage)

Girraffe Toys Storage

Retail Price : RM175 with postage
- Removable containers for quick and easy clean up
- Helps
develop organization skills
- Rack measurement: 80 x 34 x 85cm
- Storage
container measurement: 29 x 20 x 36.5cm
- Weight: 10kg
- Material: Wooden
rack & plastic containers

Raya Collection

Baju Kurung Kanak-Kanak
Size :
6m / 1y / 2y /3y RM50
4y/5y/6y RM60
7y/8y/9y RM70
Baju Kurung Dewasa
S/M/L  rm120